Our Process

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Step 1: Colorado grown, Natural Farming practices

We start with carefully selected strains of premium quality hemp.  Each of our exclusively partnered hemp producers is rigorously monitored, and adheres to strict organic growing practices.  Every plant is inspected daily.

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Step 2: Gentle Processing

Our hemp is carefully processed to yield the most complete, and undamaged spectrum of the plant’s natural availability of valuable oils and cannabinoids.

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Step 3: THC Free or Full Spectrum

Unlike other companies, we don’t recommend that THC is something that you necessarily need to avoid, so we offer you a choice.
Our THC Free products are pure, and pharmaceutical grade.  Our Full Spectrum CBD products contain additional beneficial phyto-cannabinoids, and a precisely controlled dose of THC which is 100% legal, (not enough to give you the “high’ associated with Marijuana, the THC can be therapeutically beneficial for those who need it).  Experienced CBD users use BOTH THC Free, and Full Spectrum products according to their circumstances.
CBD and Pain Management

Step 4: Rigorous Testing

We test every batch for purity and quality.  We use the best and most recognized third party labs in the country, and we keep certified records which are always available for your inspection.

Cannabidiol vs Tetrahydrocannabinol

Step 5: Is it possible that our CBD is more effective than everyone else’s?

The answer lies in our cutting edge science, and each year we strive to be the best.  It begins with the quality and purity of our hemp, and it ends with you, the customer.

At all times we remain among the leaders in delivering the highest quality bio-availability by making sure that our very pure hemp extracts and CBDs are perfectly, and uniquely formulated.

We specialize in exclusively managed nano-emulsions.  Our nano-technology provides you the customer, with the very best absorption and bio-availability significantly amplifying the actual number of milligrams and potency.

We do all of this for the most important people in our world, you our customers.