Day Time Tablets 50mg Full Spectrum (30ct)


50mg per tablet. Experience the amazing benefits of CBDa combined with CBD, COQ10, B Vitamins and more. Truly nature’s most perfect supplement in an easy to take CBD tablet. Highly bioavailable for fast and lasting results.

Combine your daily dose of essential CBD’s with day-time vitamins and energy. Each tablet contains essential vitamins with 25mg of Full Spectrum CBDA and 25mg of pure CBD for full-effect, high-potency daytime CBD energy. Just two a day will put you well on the way to a complete full-effect CBD health regimen.

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Experts agree that getting the right amount of CBD on a daily basis is essential both for general wellness and also for the many known endocannabinoid benefits essential to your health. CBD tablets are by far the easiest and best way for you to get this vital and essential supplement.

Taking these high-potency tablets will boost your body’s CBD to highly effective daytime levels. Far more potent than plain CBD, this Bliss Wellness CBD tablet will connect with many more endocannabinoid receptors than either CBD or CBDA can alone.


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